Bassel Daher, Ph.D.

Youth make up a large portion of the world’s population, as well as the UfM member states population.
Nearly 15.5% of the world’s population is between the ages of 15-24.4 Within the UfM member states, a
similar population average of 12.8% of the total population are between the age range of 15-24.5 If we consider the larger combined youth age groups including between 15-34, 26.5% of the UfM member
states population is within this age range. This portion of the population is large. It is large, and it is
critical for our future, meaning it deserves our meaningful investment. Empowering youth makes them feel confident and capable, enabling them to become active contributors and collaborators within their communities. Youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Youth empowerment can never be achieved unless
youths are seen and treated for what they are: an energetic force at the forefront of developing creative solutions. Indeed, they are proactive, disruptive, want to test their innovative ideas, and transform societies. Their energy is worth being channeled towards meaningful cooperation. Choosing to empower young people is choosing to shape our communities for the better and choosing to invest in our future. It is therefore important that we commit to their empowerment. Youth are the most important asset that the Euro-Med region has as well as the intellectual capital on which it leverages for an inclusive and sustainable development.

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