Bassel Daher, Ph.D.

Building on the strong policy messages and momentum established through a growing coalition of global partners at the Stockholm World Water Week (2016) and the XVI World Water Congress in Cancun (2017), the World Water Forum in Brasilia (2018) hosted a High Level Panel (HLP) linked to the theme
of Development (Water for Sustainable Development), and the subthemes of water for food and water for energy. This HLP session complemented and built upon the earlier events to provide the opportunity for stakeholders outside of the water sector to engage in dialogue and address topics that cut across the multiple themes of the Brasilia Forum: water for energy, water for food, governance, financing, and communication. The session included examples and discussions about the use of the tools
of science and dialogue in pursuit of the implementation of SDGs. The lessons learned from the case studies presented, in the HLP and throughout the Forum, highlight the need for coherent, crosssectoral policies that achieve the closely related SDGs and WEF Nexus challenges they address. Stakeholder diversity and the cross-cutting topics facilitated a broader dialogue that extended beyond the scope of
any single session. A primary objective of the coalition was to produce a policy brief to be used at the High Level Political Forum in July 2018, including recommendations for moving forward toward the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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